What equipment can I use with Shopmobility?

There are several different kinds of Shopmobility equipment to make your shopping experience easier and more convenient, although the following are the most commonly available:

  • manual and electric wheelchairs
  • scooters
  • rollators (walking aids with seats)
  • portable hearing loops – these reduce background noise for hearing aid users, making communication both for them and others easier and clearer. Hearing aid users should look for the yellow hearing aid sticker which tells them the system is available. When using hearing loops, users should switch their hearing aid to the “T” (Telecoil) position.

Signage is usually supplied at each Shopmoblility site, as well as at many supermarkets and out of town stores. These display symbols describe the facilities that are offered at each location.

If you are visually impaired or require the use of a manual wheelchair some Shopmobility schemes also offer a service whereby a staff member or volunteer can help guide you for anything up to two hours.